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Teacher's Corner

  • "Good and Cheap Education". -- C.G. Shah

    "Society's Govern Golden Job Souvenir to be put on website"  --M.P.Savani

  • "Society's Govern Golden Job Souvenir to be put on website"

    "Money and direction, equipment and system administration and control are indespensible but in education there is nothing that matters so much as real motives and idology of teacher".

  • Technology is just a tool in terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important. There can be infinite uses of technology, but its the teacher whose teachings it in the classroom and makes it work.

    Teachers can open the door, but pupils must enter by themselves. Though we as teachers can't direct the winds but we can adjust the sails. We can awaken students' curiosity and put a spark.

 Know LPS


Welcome to LPSA School, an exclusive co-educational school providing a happy and supportive environment and a high level of care.

Founded in 2007, an addition to the already existing education institutions LPSA provides a complete and contemporary educational experience for today's child. The school offers C.B.S.E. in a comprehensive learning environment, with a personal freedom and a wide range of non-academic activities. It combines a broad curriculum with a full program outside the classroom as well.

Our School is a very special place with a mission statement that inspires all our students to continuous inquiry, empowering them with the skills- Courage, optimism and integrity to pursue their dreams and change the lives of others.

LPSA endeavors to nurture young minds through a sound educational program which is sensitive to multicultural ethos, so as to create caring and socially responsible individuals who take pride in their country and its culture. The school promotes and ensures that each student has ample opportunities to be an impressive communicator, keen inquirer and one who enhances his/her academics and social skills thereby developing into a well balanced personality.