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Teacher's Corner

  • "Good and Cheap Education". -- C.G. Shah

    "Society's Govern Golden Job Souvenir to be put on website"  --M.P.Savani

  • "Society's Govern Golden Job Souvenir to be put on website"

    "Money and direction, equipment and system administration and control are indespensible but in education there is nothing that matters so much as real motives and idology of teacher".

  • Technology is just a tool in terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important. There can be infinite uses of technology, but its the teacher whose teachings it in the classroom and makes it work.

    Teachers can open the door, but pupils must enter by themselves. Though we as teachers can't direct the winds but we can adjust the sails. We can awaken students' curiosity and put a spark.

 School Motto


Human Values and Tradition

The end of wisdom is freedom,

The end of culture is perfection,

The end of knowledge is love,

The end of education is character.


- A Spiritual Soul

The School is committed to providing a caring, happy and safe environment for every child and follows a unique program which incorporates the philosophy of core Human Values through a self awareness program. This assists in the development of character and all aspects of personality through the direct teaching of Human Values.

The LPSA pillars of Human Values program
These values give worthiness and respect to life.


Children gain a deeper understanding of truth by developing discrimination, honesty, self reflection and integrity. Truth has to be said.

Right action

Children experience right action through the sub-values which include self confidence, forbearance, responsibility, good manners and other social skills. Right action has to be practiced.


Children experience peace as they gain emotional equilibrium through self acceptance, optimism, patience and humility. Peace is the one to be experienced.


Children develop compassion sharing, tolerance, friendship and sacrifice as they discover that love in not mere emotion, but with love the force that permeates all creation. Love is the natural quality.


Children learn that true Non-Violence is not harming anything, living and / or non-living, in thought word or deed. It encompasses co-operation, respect for diversity, ecological balance and the unity of life.

Instead of being taught as a separate subject that can not be connected with reality, LPSA encourages children to inculcate values in to their daily lives and develop a sense of appreciation for tradition.

We want modernity, but not at the cost of our precious traditions.