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  • "Good and Cheap Education". -- C.G. Shah

    "Society's Govern Golden Job Souvenir to be put on website"  --M.P.Savani

  • "Society's Govern Golden Job Souvenir to be put on website"

    "Money and direction, equipment and system administration and control are indespensible but in education there is nothing that matters so much as real motives and idology of teacher".

  • Technology is just a tool in terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important. There can be infinite uses of technology, but its the teacher whose teachings it in the classroom and makes it work.

    Teachers can open the door, but pupils must enter by themselves. Though we as teachers can't direct the winds but we can adjust the sails. We can awaken students' curiosity and put a spark.



 FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK                       

Dear Parents,

“The aim of education is not to train children to learn by force and harshness, but to direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that one may in a more  better way could be able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.
These are the words of Plato a great philosopher and thinker ,has the image of an ideal person that "one who loves wisdom. Our Vedic, Scriptures have also conveyed ''Vidya Vinaya Sampanhe”, means the purpose of education should ideally be to inculcate virtues and character in every individual. 
Education must be all inclusive, so that it imparts both worldly knowledge and spiritual knowledge like in the ancient Gurukul system. It must confer humility and morality among other things, essential for leading a good life and not for mere living. Enable the students to discriminate between right and wrong and equip people to live with a sense of well-being, free from prejudices and without causing unhappiness to others.

A country development depends on the peoples human capital, resource and good management, or governance, “In order to enhance peoples human resource, from early childhood children should be provided with a good education that will broaden their knowledge and skills. All round development of the child is the dynamic trend in the new educational system. The school has now emerged as a place where students acquire various skills. Effective schools follow a holistic approach to education i.e. an integrated development stressing on physical, mental, moral and social aspects. A lot of innovations are going on in the field of education. It has become child centered. With the same mind-set, LPS Group of Institutions nurture the talent of  children by assimilating their innate potentialities like adaptability, innovation, multiple intelligence, mind power technique, memory amplification and leadership to generate a positive attitude and humanity among themselves. For these attributes, character building is mainly focused because every attribute or quality of a person goes into moldings of his or her character. A man of character is supposed to be ethically and morally upright, trustworthy and treading the path of righteousness, and who has imbibed high ideals, such as courage, a broad mind, compassion and intelligence. Abilities may get us success, but it is the character that keeps us successful. Therefore the curriculum is designed giving due emphasis on both scholastic and co scholastic areas.

Education must serve society as an instrument for fostering the creation of good citizens. The cultivation of a global outlook, a love of nature and a concern for fellow human beings and environment should be part of the scheme of education. In order to achieve this system of L P S Group of Institutions cover the all four distinct dimensions of the human personality beginning with the physical body, the development of intellectual and aesthetic sensibilities, the development of socially desirable moral values and finally values and concerns of the human community such as democracy, human rights, tolerance, responsibility.

The purpose of education is to make the world a better place!

Principal (CBSE)