Welcome to LPSA School, an exclusive co-educational school providing a happy and supportive environment and a high level of care.

Founded in 2007, an addition to the already existing education institutions LPSA provides a complete and contemporary educational experience for today's child. The school offers C.B.S.E. in a comprehensive learning environment, with a personal freedom and a wide range of non-academic activities. It combines a broad curriculum with a full program outside the classroom as well.

Our School is a very special place with a mission statement that inspires all our students to continuous inquiry, empowering them with the skills- Courage, optimism and integrity to pursue their dreams and change the lives of others.

LPSA endeavors to nurture young minds through a sound educational program which is sensitive to multicultural ethos, so as to create caring and socially responsible individuals who take pride in their country and its culture. The school promotes and ensures that each student has ample opportunities to be an impressive communicator, keen inquirer and one who enhances his/her academics and social skills thereby developing into a well balanced personality.


Human Values and Tradition

  • The end of wisdom is freedom,
  • The end of culture is perfection,
  • The end of knowledge is love,
  • The end of education is character.

- A Spiritual Soul
The School is committed to providing a caring, happy and safe environment for every child and follows a unique program which incorporates the philosophy of core Human Values through a self awareness program. This assists in the development of character and all aspects of personality through the direct teaching of Human Values.

The LPSA pillars of Human Values program
These values give worthiness and respect to life.

Children gain a deeper understanding of truth by developing discrimination, honesty, self reflection and integrity. Truth has to be said.

Right action
Children experience right action through the sub-values which include self confidence, forbearance, responsibility, good manners and other social skills. Right action has to be practiced.

Children experience peace as they gain emotional equilibrium through self acceptance, optimism, patience and humility. Peace is the one to be experienced.

Children develop compassion sharing, tolerance, friendship and sacrifice as they discover that love in not mere emotion, but with love the force that permeates all creation. Love is the natural quality.

Children learn that true Non-Violence is not harming anything, living and / or non-living, in thought word or deed. It encompasses co-operation, respect for diversity, ecological balance and the unity of life.

Instead of being taught as a separate subject that can not be connected with reality, LPSA encourages children to inculcate values in to their daily lives and develop a sense of appreciation for tradition.

We want modernity, but not at the cost of our precious traditions.


When We Think of School...
The School must be an occasion of progress for the teacher as well as for the students. Each must have the freedom to develop himself/herself freely. Heavy loads of books, home work, exam pressures, strict, punishments - are these thoughts that cross your mind when you think of a school? Let's think what REAL EDUCATION is all about.


We Believe...
True education is about nurturing the body, mind and spirit in a healthy, happy and a stress free environment -which makes coming to school an enjoyable experience.

L.P.Savani Academy is an academy of “ Dreamers” Because, those who dream, they do and those who do, make a difference to the world.

We BELIEVE that “Textbooks don't teach you everything. We know that academics need to be coupled with freedom of thought and speech”

We are not scared of implementing silly ideas which would help our students to be prepared for life and not only for school.

We nurture self confidence, self discipline, critical thinking and creativity which brings a positive change in their life.