L. P. Savani Academy has been designed keeping in mind the needs of children. The school has certain special features and facilities that make it attractive and inviting for children to regularly attend school. It also enhances their participation in lessons and significantly improves learning levels. Our focus is on creation of quality learning spaces through the seamless integration of physical spaces and learning processes driven by an innovative curriculum.

The building design promotes natural flow of light and air, thereby saving electricity and providing a conducive and joyful learning environment to the children. The classes are well equipped and spacious.

RO plant is there to ensure regular availability of water. Additionally, alternate sources of power and the use of inverters are also available for the smooth functioning of the school.

The school has clean and hygienic toilets to ensure clean sanitation facilities. 

Use of technology is an integral part of the teaching-learning process in our schools.

a. Computers as a Medium of Teaching-Learning
All students from Class I onwards learn computer language and operation. The air-conditioned lab is equipped with the latest generation of laptops. . Computer lessons in our schools aim to help inculcate in children the yearning to learn, acquire IT skills and utilize technology most effectively.

b. Use of Multimedia as a Teaching Aid
Smart Class Programme has been introduced in the school. Each classroom has been equipped with a wall mounted display screen and a Teacher computer CPU as well as a whole range of course material incorporating the CBSE syllabus with graphics, diagrams, illustrations and animation in 3D format. All this has made the classroom learning more interesting and has stimulated the students to visually capture the more complex and elusive concepts. By becoming more actively engaged, they have developed a desire to know more and more. The Smart Class Programme has turned the abstract into concrete, it is mind stimulating and has helped in improving concentration and comprehension.

c. Broadband facility and Wi-Fi zone
The Computer Lab is equipped with Broadband Internet facility and a Wi-Fi zone.

To stimulate and foster interest in reading, viewing and using information, the school has a well equipped library. The school believes that every individual is a learner throughout his life and there is no better way to gain knowledge and wisdom than reading a book. The school has a well equipped library with large stock of good books including Encyclopedias, Fiction, Reference Books etc. The Library also has large number of magazines and journals. The library is arranged in such a manner that the students have direct access, has comfortable furniture where students can sit and read, and is well lit and ventilated.

The school has a provision to professionally teach instrumental and vocal music under the able guidance of qualified and experienced faculty. The Music Department gives an opportunity for learning both Indian classical and Western musical instruments.

The school takes special care of physical health and games and sports activities. Under the care of trained physical education teachers and coaches, opportunity is provided for various sports & games such as Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton, Gymnastics, Yoga, Aerobics , Karate, Roller Skating, Archery etc. The achievement of the school in the field of games and sports is of very high order. With the conviction that a healthy mind thrives in a healthy body, we aim at participation of each child in at least one game or sport. Special instructors are present to teach, guide and personally ensure that the children thoroughly master the sport under safe supervision.

The School also has a Language Lab, in order to equip the students of all classes with good communication and language skills.

Well equipped Science Lab for conducting science practicals and science project work has been established.