It is important that students are given exposure to competitions of various types .every month there are competitions based on the theme.

I value Morals
As a educators and parents ,we should all advocated the teaching of moral values in our school . Our children are taught in various environments at home, at school ,at the movies,at the temples and they are also taught by reading books and by magazines and friends . Whatever they are taught will guide them in their decision making and their problem sloving .If morals are not taught, our children will make decisions based on immediate needs and desires. So to aware the students about the morals values our school L.P Savani Palanpor has formed some activites based on the values which are going to be useful in the life of students .we have taken this initiative and made our students more informative about moral values .

Such school activitieswhich are formed are as follows. :-
• Preparing our “children for future roles in the society”.
• Making them aware about “the violence and dishonesty in society”
• Explaining them , how moral values are going to stick with all humans throughout their whole life .
• Giving some task to the students about the “ moral values like honesty , hard work , respect for others co-operation , compassion and forgiveness.”

2] July
I Vaule My Resources
A value added resources can help educators in a multiple ways such as providing a robust tool for educators to reflect on their practices and have a positive impact on all students achievement. So we , have done such activities realted to some gadjet and models like,
• Identifying strengths and weakness of curriculum or instructional practice in specific grades and subjects ( Such as science,reading and m,aths)
• Pinpointing incoming students academic needs before those studentsset in the classroom .
• With value added resources ,we can measure teaching effectively through “ Students performance on tests” which is only effective affect of effective teaching .
• Nowadays evaluation system includes other “Aspects of effective teaching “ and there is a local flexibility for some of the resources.
• Recent studies shows that the value added resources can teachers have on their “ Students future bearing and educational attainment”. As value added resources does not provide growth measure for individual students but it provides growth measure for groups of students.

3] August
I Value sportsman spirit
Good sportsmanship is about playing by the rules, discipline,respect,and self control. A good sports has fun because they enjoy playing the game more than the final outcome, we have done such activities as a part of curriculum like :-
• Various “competitions related to sports “
• Making them Aware about rejects to the rules of the game, respecting not only the teammates , but also the opponents, always play fair,accepting the judgment call of the coaches and officials without argument.
• Offering encouragement to teammates especially when they make mistakes .
• We have formed some groups and some high school games , allowing students to participate in these games.

4] September
I Value my culture
We must Understood the values ,which are acquired in childhood and manifest themselves on our school campuses that shape and influence the nature of behaviour.
• Our school foundation made a way to participate students in such activities like :- “ Best from waste “, some competition having the theme of patriotism.
• Even our school management has decided to participate teachers in the “teachers talent school “.

5] October
Month of diwali vacation.
we celebrated the same nd had rangoli competition .

6] November
I Value rules and regulation
Educational Equality stands at the center of our nations growing efforts to reform and improve public school and provide greater educational options to every family.justice has always evoked ideas of equality of proportion of compensation . equality in value .
• Our school has given activities to students like “ Schhol election debate”and also given seminars on bhartwasi on duty.”
• Prepared some “quiz on traffic awareness” to make them aware about it.

7] December

I Value relationship
Some reasons are there which must stands to a reason that a person struggling to pay for their basic living conditions water , food, somewhere to sleep.
For that our school L.P.Savani palanpor has made some competition to build a good relation and strong relation between them. Motivating students to participate in “Blood donation camp” to improve the relations between societies and maintain brotherhood between peoples of country. Students have performed “dramas on relationship” too.