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At L. P. Savani Academy, we believe that education is not just a process; it's a transformative journey that breeds confidence, hope, and ultimately, peace.

Our institution is dedicated to shaping students who possess a unique blend of competence, compassion, conscience, and commitment. As they step through the school gate, they enter into a world where character formation, personality development, and preparation for the challenges of a rapidly changing world take

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The core objective of education is to provide young children with a learning environment that brings out the best in them, physically, mentally, and morally. We believe that every child is blessed with a unique set of characteristics and capabilities, which need to be cultivated so that they could bloom even in all circumstances.

L. P. Savani Group of Schools, with over 20 years of excellence in education has always aimed at providing the best quality education. It has created benchmarks of finest education and is committed to providing a progressive education system.

We aim to develop a future generation that takes pride in our heritage and culture and turn into excellent professionals and achievers. It is with this aim of offering brilliance to our students that we have established L.P. Savani International School provides a free environment to young prodigies wherein they can grow, learn, and practice to their potential, imbibing in themselves the cultural benevolence, exploring their latent talent, and developing a strong respect for our culture & nation. From recruiting highly skilled teachers to offering the best educational programmes, L.P. Savani International School, takes great care to assure that the students get nothing short of the best.

Chairman - Mavjibhai Savani (L.P. Savani Group of Schools) Vice Chairman - Dharmendra Savani (L.P. Savani Group of Schools)

Facilities at L. P. Savani Academy

Choosing L. P. Savani Academy means choosing an educational institution that not only imparts knowledge but also provides an enriching environment where students can thrive academically, personally, and creatively. Our facilities include:

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